Sound Design

Studio Obsidian is also the home of Nathan Moody’s own sound design practice, which is fully described with reels and examples at

This includes both his commercial sound effects libraries and bespoke commercial sound design and recording services for film, television, games, interactive experiences, and podcasts. Some of his sounds have been used in Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning projects, and he has edited and mixed short films, animations, and documentaries.

Podcast editing and post-production is also a specialty. Nathan has been the post-production lead on shows like Karamo: A Podcast (Luminary) and That Scene with Dan Patrick (Amazon Music), and has contributed dialogue editing and sound design to shows for Trader Joe’s, Indeed, fictional dramas like Aftershock, and many more. He has also mixed short documentaries and television pilots.

This work has its own dedicated website, and influential blog (since 2008),